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WORK: Reebok Pump Fusion Launch, NYC

WORK: Reebok Pump Fusion Launch, NYC


Earlier this year Crucial FX had the pleasure of working with Reebok on their international launch of Pump Fusion, their new running shoe which inflates through an inbuilt ‘pump’ button on the shoe to fit the contours of your foot to create a custom fit.

The Reebok ‘Shoe that Adapts to You’ ZPump launch was brought to life by Crucial FX transforming an old warehouse in NYC. Just as the shoe adapts to your foot so did the venue. Fully interactive motion and touch screen walls and real time content were created from images which featured on the Reebok Pump press and TV Ad campaign and came to life in a way that has never been done before. Our unique application of technology and equipment fused together to create a fully immersive brand experience for the audience which took their breath away and continued to stimulate their senses long after they left the event.

See our video of the this fully immersive and interactive experience here





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