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WORK: Niketown ‘Built for Brilliance’ interactive challenge

WORK: Niketown ‘Built for Brilliance’ interactive challenge


Crucial FX recently transformed a floor of Niketown on Oxford Street into a dynamic interactive play zone where thousands of customers could test and rank their football skills.


To support the brand’s ‘Built for Brilliance’ football campaign, Crucial FX used real-time 3D technology, custom built sensors, a giant video wall and an immersive lighting and sound rig to create a fully immersive experience for those shoppers who were up for a challenge!

We built an automated high powered system to fire footballs at the player from random locations which were controlled by our realtime engine. Challengers would then attempt to accurately hit a goal randomly selected from one of four areas of the wall.

Custom sensors and trackers inside the ball allowed us to reward players with points for their skill and accuracy, whilst also triggering a goal celebration through 360 degree graphics and an impressive lighting show.

The results and statistics were displayed in real-time at the end of the game and participants were then given feedback and tips from Nike coaches on how to improve their game. This live event was so popular that it was extended from 2 to 4 weeks.

Watch the video of the event here


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