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WORK: H&M Mannequin with digital heart

WORK: H&M Mannequin with digital heart


Earlier this year Crucial FX were approached with a fascinating brief…to create an interactive installation for H&M which was to form part of the ‘Utopian Bodies’ exhibition at the Liljevacks Museum in Stockholm. The exhibition explores the future of fashion and how people will engage with it.


The exhibit is a dressed mannequin for whom we created a digital, beating heart. The mannequin’s heart beats faster or slower in response to interaction from visitors who approach it.

The Technlogy

Sound and lighting create a heartbeat which comes from hidden speakers within the mannequin itself, and the speed of the heartbeat is controlled by interactive sensors which detect how near or far away a person is. Over 800 LEDs mimic the heart rate as they light up the mannequins heart and emit ‘pulses’ down light beams which emanate out of the body to dramatic effect.

The Utopian Bodies exhibition is at the Liljevacks Museum in Stockholm and is running until March 2016.

See the video of the H&M exhibit here


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