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WORK: Adidas X Pop Brixton

WORK: Adidas X Pop Brixton


Pop Brixton Adidas It really was a summer of sport for everyone at Crucial FX which saw us involved in some amazing projects for some incredible brands. In August, to support the launch of their new ‘Chaos and Control’ football boots Adidas collaborated with Pop Brixton to host a high energy football tournament for young people in Lambeth. According to Adidas there are two types of players on the pitch – those who cause chaos and those who are control everything. And for the first time these two distinct types of player now have their own boot to enhance their play – the X15 and the ACE15. Crucial FX were asked to create a high octane fully interactive football skills installation for the event. Players – including some professional footballers – were given the opportunity to try the boots in live challenges designed to test the skills of both type of player. adidas video 700_1823_Snapseed The Technology Taking place in a giant custom built venue our full HD immersive projection placed players in a virtual performance environment with 360 degree projection on the walls and floor. Custom made sensors measured players’ skills such as dribbling, shooting, power and accuracy, whilst our unique realtime system was used to track the players’ movements and calculate their performance. Players has the opportunity to view their performance stats in a separate viewing room and share their results via social media if they wished. Watch the video of the event here


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