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A Crucial FX world-first for Ray Ban Polarised Lenses

A Crucial FX world-first for Ray Ban Polarised Lenses



Earlier this year Crucial FX were approached by Ray-Ban, the global leader in premium eyewear, to develop world-first interactive technology which recreate the physics of polarisation for an in-store environment, to be used by Ray-Ban at an exhibition in Como, Italy for two weeks over the summer.

Polarised lenses remove the sun’s ‘glare’ which impairs vision.  Polarised eyewear brands have long since struggled to overcome the challenges of communicating the effect of polarised lenses in an in-store environment, making it challenging to communicate the benefits to consumers, which in turn creates a barrier to purchase.

Our brief was to create an interactive fixture where exhibition visitors could experience first-hand the advantages of polarised lenses.

Using applied physics and creative thinking we combined layered projection and unique special effects to re-create outdoor ‘glare’ across several scenes and landscapes, simulating the difference between normal vision and enhanced polarised vision.

Mark Rivkin, managing director at Crucial FX said, “We are very proud to have created this world-first technology, the likes of which has never been seen before.  It has taken over 6 months intense R&D and represents a significant breakthrough in marketing and promotion for all polarised eyewear brands. It’s a very exciting technology which we are looking forward to introducing to the wider polarised eyewear market in the coming months.”

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