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Leading the way in Interactive Experiences

Leading the way in Interactive Experiences


Our Brand New Website is now online, giving a long overdue update in to our skills, services, and portfolio. As a leading light in interactive experiences Crucial FX has a unique offering which can completely transform events and presentations. We offer a full range of interactive services, from giant touchscreens (up to 100m !) to gesture control and interactive objects. We are also specialists in Real-Time content, using the very latest technology to create live content in a way you won’t believe.

We have built the new website to explain more about these technologies and give you an insight and some ideas of how they can be integrated in to your events. The main take-home is that we are not just another production company – our technology is completely unique and much of it has been designed in house by our Innovation Lab Team. If you want the latest and greatest innovations for your events, it would be worth your time talking to us.

Our innovation development doesn’t stand still, so please check back regularly to find the latest developments. Additionally i’ll be keeping this blog topped up with our latest innovations and ideas on the best way to enhance events, so if this applies to your work please do subscribe.



Managing Director at Crucial FX