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Examples of the Best Immersive Brand Experiences

Examples of the Best Immersive Brand Experiences


From the moment we are born we experience the world through our five senses. When we are children the way we first discover the world is object by object often through putting things in our mouths, tasting them, feeling them and smelling them – a rigorous examination process encompassing all of the senses.

However, as we get older we make less use of our senses to explore the world, often discovering new experiences through a screen or device of some description. Whilst technology and the digital revolution has equipped marketers with a whole new set of tools to attract and engage consumers – none less so than via social media – it has also meant that brands are now spending less on allowing consumers to physically experience their brand – and the key word here is experience.

What all brands aspire to achieve through their marketing is to buy time in people’s brains. The more time you have to spend in someone’s brain in a positive way, the more likely they are to buy your product. The more senses you appeal to the more immersive the experience becomes and the easier it becomes to occupy part of your audiences mind for a longer period of time.

Johnnie Walker Symphony in Blue Event



In 2014 Johnnie Walker treated their audience to a fully immersive exploration of their brand, it’s heritage and it’s flavours with their Symphony in Blue event. Guests were given the chance to experience ‘smokey’ tones by grabbing a flame thrower and charring a whisky barrel for themselves – or on the flip side could enjoy 10,000 year old glacier ice before heading into a room of spatialised whisky mist, complete with lightening to experience ‘Whisky Weather’ – a truly multi-sensory experience.

Reebok Pump Launch, NYC, 2015


Earlier this year Crucial FX had the pleasure of working with Reebok on their international launch of Pump Fusion, their new running shoe which inflates through an inbuilt ‘pump’ button on the shoe to fit the contours of your foot to create a custom fit.

The Reebok ‘Shoe that Adapts to You’ Pump launch was brought to life by Crucial FX by transforming an old warehouse in NYC. Just as the shoe adapts to your foot so did the venue. Fully interactive motion and touch screen walls and real time content were created from images which featured on the Reebok Pump press and TV ad campaign and came to life in a way that has never been done before. Our unique application of technology and equipment fused together to create a fully immersive brand experience for the audience which took their breath away and continued to stimulate their senses long after they left the event.

In summary then although very different, both of these examples have one thing in common and that is the mindset of the brands behind them…we want customers to buy our products surely first we have to buy time in our customer’s brains.

Written by:    Mark Rivkin, Managing Director, Crucial FX

Crucial FX are world leaders in interactive immersive technology for live events. Led by a creative vision of what they want to achieve, most of what Crucial create has never been done before for live events. Therefore through their innovation lab Crucial FX are continuously creating new applications of how existing technologies and equipment can be fused together create never before seen, innovative and jaw-dropping new effects.



Managing Director at Crucial FX