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Getting Angry Birds to Fly

Getting Angry Birds to Fly



At Crucial FX we specialise in building interactive projects using 3D graphics and content create in real-time. We have built giant 100m touchscreens where 30 journalists can simultaneously learn about new products, and launched some of the biggest products globally in the past few years. But the challenge for this project was completely new – we had to create a live interactive experience, that looked exactly like the Hollywood movie, but reacted to movement in real-time.

We were challenged to create a brand new experience for the Angry Birds Movie, a new blockbuster film from Rovio and Sony Pictures. We worked for brand experts MKTG on behalf of Merlin Entertainments to create a new experience for Madame Tussaud’s in London which would go on to tour for the next five years at the 23(!!) Madame Tussaud’s attractions around the world.

We built on our past experience designing interactive experiences, but created a whole new methodology which combined 3D models and custom textures, with pre-rendered video, audio, and live effects. We also created custom interactive code, and designed ten mini experiences which would come together to form the new attraction. One of these experiences included digital selfies with the characters which were displayed in there glory as part of an interactive 3D environment on the virtual beach from the movie. We designed a lighting system which was perfectly synchronised to the content, and which reacted when games and experiences were played on stage to create an immersive environment. We also installed a multichannel sound system, using a variety of music and sound effects to bring the content to life.

Working with Sony Pictures, Rovio, Merlin and the team at MKTG was a great experience. Despite having a very short lead time we were ready for opening and the world premiere. The Directors were understandably nervous to make sure the experience looked and felt like a part of the Angry Birds world, but their faith was justified when they saw the end result, which not only matched the Angry Birds look and feel, it created a whole new type of experience for guests, and was a first for Madame Tussaud’s.

The show has now moved on from London, and will be touring the world for the next five years.


Managing Director at Crucial FX